The top 3 reasons to choose Blue Hat Cleaning for Move Out Cleaning Services.

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Move Out Cleaning services: The top 3 reasons to choose Blue Hat Cleaning.

We have asked our customers who they would recommend to their friends and family, for move out cleaning services and these are the top 3 reasons they gave for choosing Blue Hat Cleaning.

The move out cleaning services are easy to book and coordinate. 

“Blue Hat Cleaning is the only cleaning company that I know of who will arrange to pick up the key from the property manager and clean the apartment while I am in transit to my new house.” One of our customers shared.

They said that it was easy to book on the phone with a credit card and they were relieved that we did not have to come out to do a “walk through estimate”.

We are the only cleaning service in Charlottesville with a dedicated customer service coordinator. This sets us apart because we have a person who has the time and expertise to arrange everything for your service.

It is all a part of our commitment to having the best possible customer experience. As a development of that mission we just added an online booking option on our website. We are excited to hear feedback on this new option!

“You guys have this cleaning stuff figured out!”

“I asked 2 friends who I should use and they both said blue hat cleaning.” Boy, were they right. You guys did a great job. Thanks!” was the response of another customer. 

We have been cleaning in Charlottesville for more than ten years. Every year we complete more than 1,000 move out cleanings. That is a lot! We know what we are doing and will do a good job for you!

This takes us to the third top reason our customers would recommend Blue hat cleaning:

The Move Out Cleaning Services Team

Our team is amazing. Consistently delivering professional cleanings.

“My compliments to the cleaning crew, they knew exactly what to do and did a great job A+” said one customer,

“The cleaners were great!” said another.

We hear this over and over from our customers. We have a great team and are very proud of each and every person and their contribution to our mission of giving you a world class experience with our company.

You are invited to try us out!

That wraps up “The top 3 reasons to choose Blue Hat Cleaning when you are searching for move out cleaning services”. We hope you liked the article and will give us a call or book online, we look forward to cleaning for you!

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