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Experience and Professionalism
Each year we help our customers with thousands of cleanings. From small offices to 15 story buildings, each customer is important.

Concierge Customer Service
We offer concierge customer service.  

This means that you will have a customer coordinator who will coordinate your cleaning and take down any special notes you have for the cleaning crew. 

Simple Booking 
Our simple booking process allows you to book online or over the phone. We offer transparent pricing, so you always know exactly how much cleaning services will cost. 

Recurring Office Cleaning
We offer several recurring office cleaning frequencies that allow us to meet the needs of any business. We recommend nightly cleaning for larger offices or those with heavy foot traffic, two nights per week cleaning for medium-sized offices with moderate foot traffic, and weekly cleaning for small offices with low foot traffic. Choose full service or light cleaning for your office. 

Important note: All new recurring services require an initial one-time cleaning. 

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